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Dwight Carpenter is the Most Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney. He returns over 97% of all drivers licenses and has won 99% of his life offense trials.  He is the only Attorney north of Saginaw that specializes in just criminal cases and his office is always upfront and honest with the clients.  Dwight Carpenter and his expert staff return calls as soon as possible, keeping clients informed during the course of their case so they always know what to expect. They have great relationships and are well respected by Judges, Prosecuting Attorney’s, and scheduling clerks at courthouses around the state of Michigan.  Dwight Carpenter and his staff actually care about all of their clients and fight for each and every one of them. 

Q: If I am pulled over for drunk driving should I take the preliminary breath test (PBT) and the Datamaster at the county jail?

A: I recommend to clients who are pulled over for a first offense drunk driving to take the PBT as well as the Datamaster at the jail. If you refuse the PBT it’s just a civil infraction. But if you refuse the Datamaster at the jail you automatically lose your license for one-year. My recommendation if you are facing your 3rd or more drunk driving is to refuse the PBT, and the Datamaster and request a blood draw at the hospital. This gives your blood alcohol content time to go down. A 3rd or more drunk driving is a felony.

Q: If a Police Officer wants me to do an interview with them when they are investigating criminal conduct on my part, should I give the interview in hopes that the Officer will believe me?

A: I do not allow clients to give interviews to Police Officers, Detective, Prosecuting Attorney’s, or anyone else involved in Law Enforcement. The reason for that is once you start talking you are at the mercy of the Police Officer writing the report. “Some” Police Officers are not 100% honest and will insert things in the report that are untrue. You have the RIGHT to REMAIN SILENT. You can simply tell the Police Officer, “Do what you need to do but I will not have a conversation with you.”

Q: I was never read my Miranda Rights before I was arrested, is this illegal conduction on behalf of the Police Officer?

A: A Police Officer does not have to advise you of your Miranda rights unless he places you under arrest and then tries to question you. Therefore Police Officers do not arrest people right away they try to get as much voluntary information as they can out of a person before they place them under arrest.

Q: If I am arrested or under investigation in a county that is hours away from your office will you still represent me in that county?

A: Yes, I travel statewide specializing in criminal cases.

Q. Can you explain the new law to me under Senate Bill 353 that states that nonscheduled drugs are now under the list of intoxicating substances? What meds are they referring too and how will that impact me?

A. Yes I am completely up to date with this law and other changes that take place. This new law covers drugs not covered under drunk / driving statutes. Please contact our office and we will discuss what this may mean to you or a loved one.


Services other than criminal defense license restorations that Dwight Carpenter offers are, Power of Attorney for clients and notary services.


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