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We at Women’s Medical Center in Mt Pleasant have as our goal to compassionately and confidentially care for all your female needs, with respect for your particular preferences. We have over 90 years of combined OB/GYN experience between our five physicians. At our practice you will see a doctor rather than a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. We provide full-service OB/GYN care. We perform minimally-invasive surgery including hysterectomies, and in-office (as well as operating room) procedures for heavy bleeding and sterilization for appropriate candidates. We always have one of our physicians available for emergencies, 24/7, and we are the only OB/GYN practice that services the Mt. Pleasant hospital full-time. This means that if an OB/GYN is necessary for your gynecologic or pregnancy problem in Mt. Pleasant, one of our physicians is always able to see you. 

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Q: How often do I need a pap smear and gynecologic exam?

A: You may have heard that the most recent guidelines suggest a pap smear only every 3-5 years. This is correct, with the exact number of years depending on your age, whether you’ve had abnormal pap smears in the past, and some other factors. It is important to note, however, that you should come for an ANNUAL EXAM yearly, as the pap only checks for cervical cancer and pre-cancer, while the visit also checks for breast/uterine/ovarian/vulvar cancer, infections, and many other problems that can contribute to poor health.

Q: When should my daughter start seeing a gynecologist?

A: While pap smears don’t generally need to start until age 21, there are other potential reasons for seeing a gynecologist sooner. Potential for sexual activity and problems with periods would be examples. Gardasil counseling (the HPV vaccine) would be another example, if your pediatrician or family doctor has not already covered this topic.

Q: Are there nuisance problems with which you can help?

A: Absolutely. We can help improve your quality of life if you are bothered by heavy or painful menstrual bleeding, PMS, menopausal symptoms, or urine leakage, to name a few. Let us sit down and evaluate you to determine the best set of options for your particular circumstance.

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