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Mt Pleasant Automotive

703 N Mission St, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858
989-772-4747 | 800.773-4708

Why Mt Pleasant Automotive is the Expert

As a locally owned small business, we are the most trusted automotive parts store because we have been in business for over 25+ years, building relationships with our customers who rely on us to take of their automotive needs.

Having an experienced staff with a long tenure at Mt. Pleasant Automotive is the reason we are the preferred parts supplier in Mid Michigan. Our customers know we will take care of them before, during, and most importantly after the sale… no matter how small or big the project is.

We are experts in all categories of automotive needs. We specialize in a full line of paint, car appearance accessories, and parts like brakes, struts, chassis, Wix filters, or spark plugs for all types of vehicles from the smallest car to big trucks to farm equipment. We can also take care of any automotive needs such as floor mats, power sprayers, repair tools; and we even make key duplicates.


Q: If it is not in stock how fast can you get it?

A: We have 4 shipments arriving daily, depending on the cutoff time you will likely get your part the same day.

Q: What are your hours?

A: We are open 7 days a week. M-F 7:30-6 Sat 8-2 Sun 10-2

Q: Is synthetic oil better than conventional oil?

A: Well there is no right answer, it really is a personal preference, but synthetic oil allows you more time between oil changes.

Q: What type of paint is best for my application?

A: We are the paint specialists. Tell us about your project and we will help you find the best product. Just call us at 772-4747.

Tip of the Month

Before heading out to travel this summer, have your belts checked at a certified repair shop. Running your AC and having warn out belts will = call for a tow truck.

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