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802 E Palmer, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858 (in The Stadium Mall)

Why Game Go is the Expert

The Ultimate PC/Console Gaming Center and best value computer and phone repair shop for Mount Pleasant Michigan and the surrounding area.


Q: Why is taking your phone for repair to Game Go better than getting a kit for cheaper Online?

A: Game Go is your GO TO in Central Michigan. When you go online… you get a box in the mail and there is no Game Go Guarantee that it will even fix your phone. Kits online also make your phone look like a repaired phone. At Game Go… Your phone will look brand new and like it just came out of the box. Game Go is constantly fixing phones that people have wasted money on trying to fix somewhere else

Q: What is the Game Go Guarantee??

A: The Game Go Guarantee states that if Game Go cannot fix your phone you are not going to be charged. If Game Go damages or breaks your phone they will replace your phone with a new one.

Q: Why is Game Go Computers the go to for my computer repair and update needs?

A: Not only will Game Go make sure that your computer is fixed and repaired properly they have the fastest turnaround time in Michigan. Game Go knows your life is busy and you need your electronics.


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