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Why Griffus Media is the Expert

Your image is everything. If you have a cheap image then it is assumed that you have a cheap product. We work with you to help you build a brand that fits you, your industry, and your target market. We strive to bring new age ideas that place you at the top of your industry. We have almost 9 years of experience in creating marketing content for small and large businesses. We want to grow with you and your business.


Q. What can Griffus Media do for your company?

A. Griffus Media is an independent creative agency. Meaning if it involves being creative then we do it. Basic websites, to event promotion, to all of your marketing collateral. We can even get it printed for you.

Q. What are the benefits of working with Griffus Media?

A. When you work with an independent creative agency this means that you are working with a team. We have marketing experts, designers, and developers that we utilize to make the best product that we can. Which, in turn, brings your brand image up.

Q. How much does this all cost?

A. Each project is custom quoted. This means that we take exactly what you need  and your budget in to consideration when quoting. That being said we are typically more expensive then some other smaller companies because we put so much pride and passion in our work, but we are still competitive.

Tip of the Month

Almost 57% of all web traffic is via a mobile device. This being said, 61% of that traffic will leave with in the first 3 seconds if your site isn’t optimized for mobile. Contact us today for a free quote on getting your website mobile friendly.



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