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Why Bennett Eye Care is the Expert

Dr. Bennett is Board Certified by the American Board of Optometry. He has extra education and awards in the specialty field of Pediatrics and Vision Therapy, but sees all ages and has a complete family eye care practice.


Q: Do you take insurances?

A: Yes, we take vision insurances including VSP, Spectera, United Health, and many others. We even take medical insurances like Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare.

Q: Do you have to be a member of Sam’s Club to be seen at Bennett Eye Care, PLLC?

A: No. You can be seen as a patient by Dr. Bennett at Bennett Eye Care, PLLC regardless of membership to Sam’s Club. A membership is helpful, however, in order to take advantage of their pricing on quality eyewear.

Q: What is the youngest age you will see as a patient?

A: 8 months old. Dr. Bennett has extra education in the specialty are of pediatrics and vision therapy. It takes 6 months for the eye to be developed enough to check for abnormalities. Dr. Bennett likes to see kids at 8 months to give the eye time to adjust to these new developments. He is part of the InfantSEE program and offers eye exams to any child under the age of 1 year at no charge. He then recommends that they be seen again at age 3, then age 5, and then yearly after the age of 5 years.

Q: Can you treat eye disease and do diabetic eye exams?

A: Yes. Dr. Bennett treats many eye diseases and performs a lot of diabetic eye exams. He sees anything from emergency “red eye” appointments to long term treatment of glaucoma. He can also remove foreign bodies, like metal, from the eye.

Diabetes is a disease that directly affects both the eye itself and the eyeglass prescription. It is important to get a dilated eye exam with retinal imaging every year or more often when treating diabetes. Dr. Bennett also believes in continuity of care and will send reports to the other health care providers involved in treating you for diabetes. These reports help them adjust medication and better treat the disease. A changing blood sugar can cause the eyeglass prescription to change. This communication with other physicians also helps Dr. Bennett find an accurate eyeglass prescription in a patient who has diabetes.

Q: Can I still wear contacts even though I have a large astigmatism and dry eyes?

A: Yes. Dr. Bennett fits many specialty contact lenses. The contact lens industry is constantly changing, and new products come out all the time. Dr. Bennett works hard to keep up with the latest products and can often fit a contact lens to a patient with a large prescription, large astigmatism, or with ocular dryness.

Tip of the Month

A yearly eye exam can help with early detection of other diseases that affect the rest of the body. Diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, and heart disease can show signs in the eye. Detecting these diseases early can lead to an easier treatment and better management with less complications.

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