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Why Redbird Pet Emporium is the Expert

At Redbird Pet Emporium Pet Nutrition is our Passion. With over 20 years of experience in Pet Supplies! Dog Food, Cat Food and Animal Health Products, we have the knowledge to make your pet as healthy as can be. Stop in today to find out if going all natural is right for your pet!


What are the benefits of All Natural Pet Food?

– Better digestion

– Lower risk of illness or disease

– Strengthening of immune system and organ function

– Reduction in bad breath

– Decrease in allergies, itching and licking at “hot spots”

– Weight reduction and control

– More energy and activity

What are Natural Pet Supplies?

Generally, natural means food, toys, supplements, bedding, etc. that are not made from synthetic ingredients or materials.  They are generally made of whole grains and lean meats and don’t contain meat byproducts such as chicken fat.

How much should I feed my pet – do I always feed what’s recommended on the bag or can?

Choose a high-quality food and look at the recommendations on the label. Remember, these feeding recommendations are simply guidelines, not absolutes. There is often a wide range listed and there is little consistency in feeding guidelines between brands. You must consider the following, and adjust the food amount accordingly:

– The actual calorie content of the food

– Your pet’s weight (and projected target weight if necessary). Ask your veterinarian if you’re not sure about an ideal weight for your pet

– Your pet’s activity level

– Other environmental variables (temperature)

– Any additional calories from treats or table foods

– Remember, most pets are overfed and under-exercised – so, if in doubt about how much to feed initially, feed a little less

What are the benefits of Grain Free Pet Food?

Safe for Pets with Allergies or Sensitivity to Grains

The first and most obvious reason to feed your pet a grain-free diet is in case they have allergies or troubles digesting grain-based food. What are the signs of food allergies? Common ones may include chronic diarrhea or gas, licking their feet or an itchy behind. If you notice any of those symptoms, make sure to first check with your vet as only she can confirm if it’s really an allergic reaction and which foods are actually causing it. Although grains such as wheat and corn are known allergens, there are many others your pet could be reacting to. A grain-free food may help you avoid these problems.

Help Control Your Pet’s Weight

Just like with humans, if pets consume an excessive amount of carbohydrates without getting enough exercise to burn them off, they could experience unhealthy weight gains. And because some grains contain a lot of carbs, feeding your pet a grain-free diet could help control their weight. Please keep in mind that this isn’t true of all pet food brands. Many replace grains with large quantities of other carb-heavy ingredients (like potatoes). Always read the labels to know just what’s inside your pet’s food.

Greater Nutritional Punch

Some pet food brands stuff their products with unnecessarily large quantities of grains to disguise the fact their food is lacking in nutritional benefits. Sure, it might pack a lot of calories, but adding tons of fillers doesn’t translate to a nutritionally satisfying diet. Instead, a healthy mix of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is necessary to reinforce your pet’s immune system and keep them energized throughout the day. And a grain-free formula could be a sign that the food is light on fillers and heavy on nutrition, but here again, always check labels!

Clay cat litter vs. Alternative (natural) litter

Most conventional litters are made out of natural clay and sodium bentonite. These litters are harmful to the environment, your kitty and even you. Unfortunately these litters take years to degrade if they ever do. Clumping litter is designed to form a hard, insoluble mass when it gets wet; these litters are also quite dusty. When cats use the litter box, they lick themselves clean; anything their tongues encounter gets ingested. Kittens particularly tend to ingest a lot of litter when they are first learning to use the box. Once the litter is inside a kitten or cat, it expands, forming a mass and coating the interior-thus, both causing dehydration by drawing fluids out of the cat or kitten, and compounding the problem by preventing any absorption of nutrients or fluids. In addition to this, clay cat litter can cause a blockage within their intestines and preventing bowl movements.

Why feed a quality pet diet?

We often get asked the question of “Why spend all that money on pet foods?  I can get dog food for cheaper at the grocery store.”  There are many reasons why using quality products make a difference in your pets quality of life.  Foremost, just like that old adage:  You are, what you eat, your pets health is greatly effected by what goes into their bodies.  If you eat potato chips all day, and nothing with nutritional value, how do you feel?  How will you age if you do this 365 days a year, for the rest of your life?  You will be tired, unhealthy, probably over weight and not too happy, and your life span will not be too long.  The same principles apply to pet foods and treats.  It is very important to read the ingredient panel on your pet food package.  The key things you should avoid are corn, by-products and too many grains.  It is vital to make sure your food is USA made, preferably by a company that makes their own food.  Corn and excessive grains are just fillers, causing shedding, lots of waste in the yard and can create allergy issues in your pet.  By-products are what is left over from the meat sources, and can include organs, bones and the un-savory parts of an animal.  Huge pet food companies usually spend more on advertising, then the quality of their food, because it is about the money, not the health of our companion pets. Small companies have better quality controls in place, and do not get caught up in pet food recalls in the way large companies often do.  There are huge pet food processing factories, that make foods for many companies, and that is where huge contamination issues occur.  The old feeding advice about never changing your pets diet unfortunately created a huge allergy situation.  Feeding the exact same food 365 days a year, caused pets bodies to reject elements of that diet, the largest culprits seeming to be corn, grains and often chicken.  The new advice is to rotate diets, (always of quality), changing between differing proteins, hopefully remaining in the same company food line.

A quality diet should be nutritionally sound, including glucosamine, which is essential for healthy bones and joints.  This diet should be low in grain products or grain free.  Classic signs of food allergies in pets will include chronic ear infections, chewing/licking of feet consistently and hot spots on the body.  Food allergies can be difficult to pin-point, but we can help you if guidance is needed.

Quality diets are used in a much smaller portion, because the nutrient are denser and absorption is much better.  Think power bar over potato chips.  This means you should use about 1/3 the amount of a quality diet kibble, as compared to grocery store brands.  The great news is that your pets will shed less, and your yard or litter box will be less fouled up with waste products.  Overall, you save money through less vet bills, your pet needs to consume less food, their life span can be greatly increased and food allergy issues can be avoided.  Hopefully those are enough reasons to buy your pets the type of diet they deserve.


Tip of the Month:

To keep your pet’s skin healthy in the dry winter climate, buy dog food that is high in omega oils. Redbird Pet Emporium carries products that can also help like Grizzly brand Pollock Oil, a food supplement that has omega 3 fatty acids. Also, Life by Tropiclean brand skin and coat supplement and Grizzly Super Treats made with salmon. Brewers yeast with B vitamins and minerals is also a good option. Save 10% on your next trip to Redbird by texting FUR to 87804.


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