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Why Central Michigan Rehabilitation is the Expert

We are the experts because we strive for personalized treatment, with the same physical therapy treatment team (we try to have the same people working with each client throughout treatment) and we a manual based which means that you will always see your therapist.


Q: Will I always be with the same therapist?
A: We treat as a team and try our best to keep our clients with the same therapist.

Q: I work during the day. Do you have appointments after 5pm?
A: WE offer appointments as late as 6pm Monday through Thursday.

Q: Does my insurance cover PT?
A: We are more than happy to check your benefits for you. Just call 989.772.0258 with your insurance information and we can provide you with an insurance verification.

Q: Is a massage covered under my insurance?
A: With Blue Cross Blue Shield, massage is a covered benefit as long as massage is incorporated with physical therapy. Other carriers may cover massage and we would be happy to verify your benefits for you.


“Due to a horrible car accident years ago, I’ve had severe neck issues that flare up on occasion. I heard about Manish Bondale at Central Michigan Rehab, and met with him to discuss my pain issue. After one visit I knew he was the right person to continue seeing for treatment. The relief I had after just the first visit was incredible. I’ve been to many physical therapists over the years but Manish knew exactly what treatment I needed, and I would recommend him to anyone needing pain relief or pain management.”   – Jeri

Tip of the Month:

With spring fast approaching, we often find ourselves ready to be active again, there is always spring cleaning to do! Easy things like taking breaks, lifting with your legs to protect your back, using caution of where your step to avoid holes, sticks, and uneven surfaces. Rest and drink water to avoid muscle soreness.


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