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Mt. Pleasant Rental Center

4995 East Pickard, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
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Why Mount Pleasant Rental Center is the Expert

Mt. Pleasant Rental Center has established themselves as a leader in the Tool/Equipment Rental and the Event/Party Rental by providing quality up to date equipment, professional problem solving advice, outstanding service, and reasonable rental rates.  They have been in business for 37 years.  They take pride in providing a service for homeowners, contractors, schools, churches and businesses that assist them in completing projects or having events that save them money and time.


Q: Is your tool rental equipment user friendly for the homeowner or do-it-yourself consumer?

A: All of our equipment can be used by the do-it-yourself consumer/homeowner. Our experienced staff will give the customer detailed instructions on how to operate the equipment before the leave to begin their project. Our goal is to assist them in saving time by getting their project done in timely manner with ease and save money by renting instead of purchasing equipment or paying someone else to do the project.

Q: Do you rent moving trucks and trailers?

A: We do rent moving equipment. We rent our own trucks and trailer and are also a Uhaul dealer. We also sell moving boxes and packing supplies.

Q: Do you rent portable restrooms?

A: We do rent portable restrooms. Our restrooms can be used for Events, Weekend Parties, Graduation Parties, Weddings and Festivals. We also rent restrooms for Construction Projects and Golf Courses. We offer Handicap Restrooms, Flushable Restrooms, Standard Restrooms, and Portable Sinks.

Q: What size tent do I need for my event?

A: The big question we ask is what type of party or event is it for. Different types of events will have various needs—For example: Wedding Reception vs. Graduation Party. Our staff will ask questions such as how many people will be seated under the tent, will it only be used for guest seating or will there be other functions happening under the tent (such as food, dancing, bar tables, etc.) Once we have that information we can give a recommendation on the tent size needed that best suits your event.

Q: Do you sell Decorations, Balloons, Birthday Supplies, Wedding Supplies, etc?

A: We are the largest retailer in the Central Michigan Area for Bridal Accessories, Party Decorations, Balloons, Birthday Decorations, Theme Party Decorations, and Disposable Table Ware and Paper Products. Our selection of party goods is always changing to meet the needs of our customer and to keep up with current trends.

Tip of the Month

Tool Rental Tip: Yard Cleanup-Thatch and Aerorate your yard before you put you fertilize.

Party Rental Tip: Reserve early for your Spring/Summer parties. A tent is not just used to keep the rain off of your guests but is great to keep the sun off them too.


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