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Why Security Septic is the Expert

Security Septic has been in business since 1978 and is still family owned and operated. With this much experience installing and cleaning septic systems for homes, they know how to properly diagnose problems and help home owners take the right course of action. This excellent customer service is found in the field as well as on the phone when you call Kim for service. Security Septic also offers auguring, line jetting , uses a sewer camera, and has the lowest cleaning rate in many counties.


Q: How can I tell if my tank is completely emptied after having it pumped?
A: Ask for before and after pictures. Be present when your tank is pumped to make sure everything inside the house is working after the job is finished.
Q: What do I do is I suspect I’m having septic issues?
A: You can call the health department. They can do an inspection and provide you with a list of pumper they trust. Sometimes just pumping a tank isn’t enough. That’s why an inspection and pictures are so critical.
Q: Does it matter what type of toilet tissue I use?
A: Actually, it does. Single ply is the best. The cheaper the toilet paper, the better, even if it’s double ply. The higher priced papers has too much wood pulp and they break down in your tank slower.

Tip of the Month

If you have to uncover your septic tank, for any reason, install a surface cleanout. Your tank will be easier to access and inspect. Cleanouts are grass level so you can mow right over them. It saves money in the long run and you never have to worry accessing the tank when the ground is frozen. Plus, it’s code now.

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