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Why I-Ride is the Expert

I-Ride has been providing county wide public passenger transportation in Isabella County area since 1974. They are dedicated to providing safe, reliable transportation to all members of our community, operating seven days a week, 359 days per year, to meet varying transportation needs. I-Ride received the Rural Transportation System of the Year award from the Community Transportation Association of America in 2014 for providing outstanding rural public bus transportation in creative and innovative ways. Covering over 575 square miles, I-Ride provides over 600,000 rides per year. Out-County service is available throughout the weekdays at least seven times per day per region. Service is more limited on the weekend.


Q: Can I bring my pet on the bus?

A: Pets can be transported if they’re in a carrier that you can load and unload by yourself. Service animals are always welcome.

Q: What if I need to go to Midland or Mecosta County?

A:IRide goes into Midland County to connect with the Midland County Connector at the Sunoco in Oil City and goes into Mecosta County to connect with the MOTA at Fates. Please call for details.

Q: How much does it cost to ride?

A: Our fares inside Isabella County are $2.00 for regular fare passengers between 18-60 years of age, $1.50 for passengers 17 and under, and $1.00 for passengers over 60 or persons with a disability. Fares outside of Isabella County are doubled.

Q: Is this like a taxi cab?

A: Yes and no. Like a taxi, we provide rides to those who need it upon request. Some of the things that make us different from a taxi are our trips are shared. A bus will make multiple stops for other passengers along the route. Another notable difference is regulations. Our drivers are all trained, professional, commercial drivers. All of our drivers have completed a criminal history background check as well as DOT physical and drug and alcohol testing. Our drivers complete three weeks of combined classroom and practical hands on training prior to picking up passengers. After training and before driving alone they also spend time doing peer to peer training with a veteran driver.

Tip of the Month: 

Transactions on the bus are cash and exact fare only, so bring the correct change. You can also purchase a pass using a credit or debit card by calling IRide or visiting our business office. Your driver will issue your pass once you gboard the bus.


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