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Why Culligan is the Expert

Culligan is backed by over 80 years of experience solving the toughest and most common water issues; we bring our industry-leading technology and experience right into your home.



Q: What is hard water?

A: Hard water is probably the most common water problem found in the home. Hard water spots your glasses and dishes, makes laundry dull, and causes soap scum and scale to build up making cleaning a chore. The most common hardness causing minerals are calcium an magnesium that is dissolved in a water supply.

Q: Are there harmful effects of water softener discharges on household septic tanks?

A: According to the US Water Quality Association (WQA), water softener regeneration discharges do not pose a problem to septic systems of to the leach field.

Q: Is Reverse Osmosis (RO) water really good as bottled?

A: Yes – Culligan Reverse Osmosis Systems remove about 97% of total dissolved solids (TDS) from your water, including salt and sodium. Read the labels on bottled water and you will discover reverse osmosis is the same process used by most bottlers, so in effect you’re really getting bottled water…without cost and hassle of the bottle!

Q: Do salt-free water treatment systems work like water softeners?

A: Many companies promote salt free devices as an alternate to traditional water softeners. While the concept is a nice one, laboratory tests by independent third parties suggest that these products simply do not deliver the benefits of soft water.

Tip of the Month

Using soft water throughout your house can improve function and longevity of major appliances.

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