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120 South University, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
Phone: 989.400.4448
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Keith and Kim Cotter started out as part of a real estate team in 2002 in Grand Rapids. They grew to the title of #1 RE/Max Real Estate team in the entire state of Michigan for 3 years running. Moving back to Mount Pleasant to focus on their family, they noticed a need for a firm that could offer full service sales and property management in the area, and worked toward the idea of starting their own company. In 2010, Douglas Day Property Group was formed.

Keith is the Broker/Owner of The Douglas Day Property Group, LLC. He has twelve years experience in property management, real estate investment, acquisitions, and sales.

Kim is the co-founder and Director of Operations at The Douglas Day Property Group. She has been a licensed Real Estate Agent since 2001. She holds a Finance/Investments degree from Central Michigan University. She is in the top percentile when it comes to working with title insurance, real estate contract law, investments, and closings.

Q: Who is Douglas Day?

A: Keith and Kim Cotter are the sole owners of Douglas Day Property Group. When discussing names for the new brokerage, we wanted something that reminded us what we have at stake with this company and what we want to create for it moving forward. Our greatest measure of success will be to have any of our children take over in the company when they are done with their education. From there we took the middle names of our twins, Cruz Douglas and Chloe Day. And from there a company was formed both in name and model. Our kids names are on this letterhead. We make decisions daily to make them proud of the company that will someday be theirs.

Q: We want to look at a house we drove past, is it better to just go through the listing agent?

A: Whenever you are considering making an investment as large as a property purchase, you should use anything at your resource to get the best deal, and to avoid the most mistakes. It costs you nothing to use Douglas Day Property Group, as your buyer’s agent. Nothing! We charge no admin fees, no buyers fees, no form fees, etc. Also, it costs the seller of that house nothing additional for you to use your agent versus the listing agent. We get a fee from the listing agent for helping them sell a home. Wouldn’t you rather have someone working on your side? The seller does….

Q: What will you charge to list my home?

A: Commission fees can vary based on if you have a residential home, commercial property , or vacant land. What I can promise is we are very competitive, and we do NOT charge any admin fees, or additional fees on top of our commission. Call us for an interview, and we can give you a net sheet of any expenses expected when selling your home including our fee. Everything with our company will be up front and transparent from the very beginning so there are no surprises at the closing table.

Q: I seen a For Sale By Owner sign on a house that I would like to see, does that mean I can’t use an agent to represent me?

A: Many times FSBO sellers will agree to pay an agent a fee if they bring them a buyer. It can never hurt to have someone looking out for you and your investment when it comes to real estate. And it never ever hurts to ask!

Q: Since you are not a franchise, will my property get the exposure it would if I went with a national franchise firm in town?

A: Think about it this way, would you buy a house purely based on what color sign it had out front? Of course not! We are a member of the same boards as the local franchised brokerages. Your listings with us will have full MLS exposure, upgraded exposure, and many additional websites, including our competitors websites. The only difference is we don’t have to pay a franchise fee, so we can keep our rates competitive.

Q: I heard you are starting a new “Giving Back To the Community” program, how does that work?

A: Starting in March 2014, we will be taking 10% of all sales commissions DDPG earns, and donating it back to our local community projects. We wanted to start this program, because we do feel the community has been so supportive of our new business. We also have grown up in this community, taken roots in this community, and are raising our children in this community, and we want them to realize how important it is to give back as well. So every listing you bring us, or house we help you buy as an agent, 10% of the commission we earn from that sale will go to one of the 25+ local organizations in need in Isabella County. The best part, you as our client will choose which of those organizations benefit. For a full list please contact our office. 

Get the Best Representation

Your home will likely be your largest investment so you want to feel comfortable when you go to buy or sell it. Start off right by selecting a Realtor who you feel you can trust, Keith says. Also, if you have a hectic work schedule, and will need to look at homes at nights and weekends, make sure you have an agent that is happy to work around that for you. Everyone has a friend or family member that is an agent these days. Consider if they do it full time, what is their sales volume, and track record with successful negotiations. It’s great to help out a friend or family member by using them, but only if it doesn’t hurt your bottom line in the end.  Interview more than one agent, and go from there.

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