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100 South Mission
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
Phone: 989.772.4111

Our certified techs will give you the best options on where to put your dish for a maxed out signal strength before installation to provide a high quality install. We are honest about our prices and provide free installation typically within 2 business days.

Q: Will I receive a high quality picture without interruptions during rain or wind?

A: Yes! You should not lose your high quality picture due to just rain or wind. Our techs will mount your dish securely with maxed out signal strength to be sure you do not lose your picture just because of a little rain!

Q: Is satellite more expensive than cable?

A: No, Most of our customers are ones that are tired of paying a ridiculous price for cable and have made the switch! Our customers are extremely happy with the results and could not imagine going back to their expensive cable providers!

Q: What happens if I move?

A: No problem; Dish and DirecTV are available everywhere! So if you move, your service can move with you.

Q: Is it true that the DVR with Dish or DirecTV allow you to record 5 or more programs at once?

A: Yes! Both companies have DVRs that have many functions in addition to being able to record more than the typical cable provider can offer.

Q: Do you offer other internet service other than satellite or dial-up?

A: Yes! And it includes WIFI at no extra cost (built right into the modem to save you extra space) as well as no contract and a guaranteed price for 3 years!! *available in certain areas

Q: Does a dish have to be mounted on my roof?

A: No! We can mount your Dish on a pole in the ground; And the best part is… It’s FREE! Most companies charge anywhere from $50 – $99 for this, but our company does it free of charge!

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